Keeping Hair Sleek and Smooth with Keratin Treatments

keratin treatments
Here is the lowdown on keratin treatments: how they work, why people love them, and how you can get one in Howard County.

If you are looking for sleek, frizz-free hair and gentler products just aren’t cutting it, consider getting a keratin treatment. Keratin is a popular solution for people who want smooth hair without totally straightening it, and they can last up to three months. Here is the lowdown on keratin treatments: how they work, why people love them, and how you can get one in Howard County.

  • How Keratin Treatments Work

Many keratin treatments work by using chemicals and heat to straighten hair and deposit strengthening keratin into the strands of your hair. Not all treatments provide the same results, and some straighten hair more than others. What all keratin treatments do have in common is the use of keratin to add shine and remove frizz. While keratin treatments can last longer and give better results than some other at-home frizz-fighting methods, they can be more costly and often involve a significant amount of aftercare. If you are looking for a heavy-duty solution to your stubborn frizz issues, talk to your hair care professional about which treatment is right for you.

  • Why People Love Them

Some people absolutely swear by keratin. The treatments performed at Symmetry Hair Studio are designed to get rid of frizz without totally straightening hair, allowing your hair’s natural texture to show without frizz. Symmetry’s treatments can last up to six weeks or three months depending on the product and aftercare, and they offer express treatments as well. People love keratin because it provides results that last longer than at-home products. Keratin treatments make hair smoother, shinier, and easier to style.

  • Keratin Complex at Symmetry

Symmetry Hair Studio is proud to offer Keratin Complex treatments and products. These treatments can last longer than traditional keratin products, and Keratin Complex products extend the life of your treatment even more. Contact the hair experts at Symmetry to find out which Keratin Complex treatments and products are right for you and your hair. Take 20% off of all take-home Keratin Complex products when you purchase them from our Ellicott City location.

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