Gray Hair Coverage: Demi-Permanent vs. Permanent Color

Gray Hair Coverage: Demi-Permanent vs. Permanent Color
Gray Hair Coverage: Demi-Permanent vs. Permanent Color
Read on to learn more about two different methods of gray hair coverage.

Although silver hair is joining vibrant purples, blues, and pinks as a popular choice of hair color, some folks do not want to go gray. If you choose to dye your hair to cover grays, there are a few different strategies that you can discuss with your hairstylist. The best course of action will depend on your hair’s natural texture, color, and percentage of gray. Read on to learn more about two different methods of gray hair coverage.

Demi-Permanent Color for Camouflage

One method of hiding gray hair is to use demi-permanent dye. As the name suggests, this dye is less potent than permanent formulas, which lift and deposit more color. Because demi-permanent products are less robust, they are often used to blend gray hair with your existing color. This transforms the gray strands into something resembling highlights.

Creating highlights with demi-permanent color is often considered the lower-maintenance option because it can require less-frequent trips to the salon. Because the color fades more quickly than permanent color, your hair’s new growth will typically blend more easily and naturally with the faded demi-permanent color.

Demi-permanent dyes will not work for everyone. Because they do not lift as much color as permanent dyes, demi-permanent dyes do not allow for drastic changes from your natural hair color. They work best if you are only trying to go darker by a few shades, and they may not cover very gray or coarse hair.

Permanent Color for Full Gray Hair Coverage

If your natural hair color is becoming more salt than pepper, permanent color might be the solution for you. Permanent hair color allows you to get full gray hair coverage, often in one single process service. You can also change your color drastically from your natural shade. With a permanent color application at Symmetry Hair Studio, you can cover stubborn grays completely. Although hair colored with demi-permanent dye does not need to be touched up as frequently, many people prefer the complete coverage that they can get from permanent color.

Are you still unsure about how to address your gray hair? Contact the experts at Symmetry Hair Studio today. Whether you want to recreate an old look or try something new, our experienced hair stylists are ready to make you look your best.

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